Your one stop, full turnkey printed circuit board assembly solution in Dallas, TX!
BBM Inc. is an electronic manufacturing service company that specializes in turnkey assemblies.  Our SMT lines are completely automated high-speed Phillips/Assembleon systems.  These SMT lines have been merged into one large production system with a focus on single piece flow processing to maximize output.  The assemblies convey through one of two of our automated stencil printers, including the DEK or a new Ekra Series X1, JOT conveyor systems, and Assembleon Topaz XII or Gemline Emerald and Topaz.  The reflow process is completed by one of two top of the line Heller convection ovens.  Additionally, the Phoenix PCB Inspector micro focus X-Ray system with BGA module, Aqueous Technologies SMT600-CL water wash system, and Mirtec automated optical inspections system (AOI) are added to provide a complete lineup of exceptional services.

BBM Inc. offers the same innovation in through-hole assembly with a progressive double slide line and two Technical Devices wave solder machines.  One wave solder machine is dedicated to lead free assemblies while the other is leaded only.  Profiles are established for assemblies, saved by part number, and secured.

BBM Inc. has built a reputation on quality, flexibility and dependability.  We continue to build on that foundation.  We feel we are a leader in the industry and strive to accommodate the needs of all of our customers to the fullest.  We look forward to becoming a partner with you and your company.
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